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Innovative Software for Law Enforcement.

Innovative Efficiency.

We provide software that is innovative and that can meet the critical demands of different types of law enforcment. Whether you are a law enforcement agency, detention facility, or emergency communicatons facility; our software can help optimize efficiency through quick access to vital information and easy-to-use reporting, with accurate and reliable data.


Leading Provider.

Our "cutting-edge" product suite has allowed us to emerge as one of the leading providers of law enforcement management software. We have sought advise from people in the workplace and developed a system that allows success, even for the first-time user.

Solid Support.

A complete, solid customer support system is crutial in today's technology industries. We take pride in our knowledgable staff, that is available for support.  Our staff come from technology backgrounds, and law enforcement experience.


Budgets always play a large role in an agency's strategy when choosing the right management system. Our software suite is feature-rich and powerful like the large companies, but without the large price tag.

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About us.

M&M Micro Systems Inc., established in 1987, is the sole provider of Soms® Sheriff's Office Management System.   Soms® began as a basic dispatch call log for a West Tennessee 911 agency.  M&M Micro Systems Inc. continued expanding the features of Soms® into the full records and jail management system it is today.

Our staff has been involved in the law enforcement market from inside operations.  That insight combined with our programming knowledge, allows greater understanding of officer and agency needs.

Sheriff's Office Management Software, Soms®

Data Management can be challenging. Our Sheriff's Office Management Software, commonly reffered to as Soms®, is an innovative, integrated management solution designed to meet the critical demands of law enforcement agencies by addressing the present and future needs for data integration and sharing.

By using Soms®, an agency can enhance operations, improve communication and share information. Soms® is a solution that optimizes efficiency through quick access to offender informaton, vital records and dispatch calls. Our software offers an
method for generating over 5,000 reports with accurate and reliable data and no duplicate data entry.

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Martin Elder Awarded 2010 Director's Award

&M Micro Systems' Martin Elder has been awarded the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) 2010 Director's Award. This award is the highest honor presented to non-law enforcment and given for his work with the State Incident Based Reporting System (SIBRS).

In recognizing Martin's work, OSBI mentioned how Martin's tenacity, innovative work and determination were a key factor in the OSBI realizing the ultimate goal of becoming a complete SIBRS reporting state, and has provided a dramatic impact on incident-based reporting.




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Product Overview.

Records Managment

We have created a reporting system designed for the needs of any law enforcment agency. It is made up of many different modules to assist in the collection, approval, and dissemination of criminal activity data. Some of these modules include: Accidents, Animal Control, Citations, Civil Process, Complaint Cards, Incident Reporting, K9 Incidents and Missing or Wanted Persons.


This module allows the court to stay connected to mantain bond payments, clear bonds, print court dockets, and generate fines/costs and restitution. Payments can be posted manually or automatically and can support multi-court sessions. Reports include: payment histories, transaction audits, open bonds payable, general receipt audits, money collected, open fines and cost, and more.

Case Management

By integrating this module with our Incident Reporting, we make sure that data only needs to be entered once. This give Detectives quick access to Incident Reports so they can start inputing their case notes, importing images, and linking files, all in a secure location.


The CAD system has been designed for the fast-paced activity of a Dispatch Center. Single and multiple agencies, including Fire, Police, EMS and Sheriff can be supported. Single station or a network with simultaneous users is avalibale.

Mobile Data

We understand that today's law enforcment needs to be mobile. That is why we have developed mobile versions of Accidents, CAD, Citations, Field Interview Reports, Incident Reporting, Records Search and many more modules that can be access and used in the patrol car.

Online Information

The Online Information System (OIS) allows the public to view, in "real-time" who is in the facility, their charges, bond amount and more. There is also a Law Enforcement login which allows officers to search inmate data, warrants, create photo lineups, and more.


Our Corrections module is a whole software package in itself with the ability to run an entire facility. Booking, Cell Checks, Commissary, Medical, Inmate Mail, Movement Tracking, Shift Notes, Volunteers and Visitation can be managed from here. And that is just the beginning.


By listening to our customers we have come up with some great tools for Administrative personnel. This module contains tools to handle a multitude of tasks such as Staff & CivilianTraining, Time Keeping, Workers Comp Claims, Policy and Procedure, Internal Affairs and many more.


When you are looking for property, we believe you should only have to look in one place. No matter what type of property; Evidence, Vehicles, Office Supplies, or Pawned Items, this module give you fast access to the informaiton you need. We also give you easy access to your information by generating and support barcodes, along with barcode scanners.

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Support & Training.

M&M Micro Systems Inc. understanding that after the installation and training, support is critical. Customers need quick answers; therefore we have developed a variety of mechanisms for support. At the time of software installation or a DOS to Windows upgrade, the customer purchases the Annual Software Support Agreement, commonly referred to as the ASSA.

Annual Software Support Agreement

The ASSA agreement is renewable and covers product upgrades and technical support for specified time period. The typical ASSA agreement is yearly. The customer is provided contact information for support when needed.

The ASSA agreement does not cover hardware, network or interface support. The ASSA agreement does not cover upgrade from DOS to windows nor onsite visits during the year.

Extended Support Agreement

Beyond the ASSA, is the Extended Support Agreement. This includes onsite visits to the facility. The focus of the visits are training with new staff or re-training of existing staff. We have found customers are much more comfortable with the software when periodic site visits occur. The number of onsite visits can vary depending on agency functions and goals.

On-Site Simulations

The On-Site Simulations, commonly referred to as the OSS, is an alternative to Onsite visits. It allows our programmers or trainers to work with your agency and address any new features or issues that you may be experiencing. The OSS requires high speed communication, DSL, cable or T1 connection and uses technology from Splashtop and GoToMeeting. An OSS will not be performed on dial up connection services.

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